About us

About Vanmix

Vanmix is a brand of dry construction mixes that specializes in the production of high-quality products certified according to DSTU standards. The enterprise is equipped with an automated production line, its own laboratory and a railway track.

The brand belongs to the Ukrainian company Yuni Parts, whose production facilities are located in Ukraine, in the city of Dnipro, at 147 B. Khmelnytskyi Ave. The mission of the brand is to ensure confidence and success in every construction project of our customers.

Our principles of work



We guarantee high-quality, laboratory-tested products in each Vanmix bag in compliance with the standards of DSTU B B.2.7-126:2011. To achieve high results, we use only proven raw materials and special additives that improve the technical characteristics of the product in accordance with future needs during operation. The plant is equipped with automated production lines of Turkish equipment, packing and stacking of bags on pallets, and their packing is carried out by an automated robot. After that, we take care of prompt shipment and delivery of products to our customers, which is greatly helped by our own railway track.



We constantly monitor market trends, participate in forums, professional conferences and exhibitions. Follow us on social media for the latest news, technical updates and interesting content from our experts. We also constantly update the blog on the website.



Our cooperation strategy includes:

1. Reliability and responsibility: every product is tested before being sent to the customer, and orders are shipped within the agreed time.

2. Open dialogue: we support constructive communication to find the best ways to meet your needs.

3. Loyal approach: we are ready to solve with partners the issues of planning and storage of goods stocks, taking into account your interests.

The main milestones of history

This line of construction mixes meets high quality standards. Our products are produced at our own enterprise. Our location in the city of Dnipro allows us to provide operational logistics. The Yuni Parts company is a progressive enterprise producing dry construction mixtures. We are open to cooperation with all interested companies.

  • 2023

    • We expanded the geography of sales by 2 more times
    • The range of products has been expanded to 22 product items
    • Took part in the specialized conference BUDMIX 2023 and established new partnerships
  • 2022

    • We expanded the geography of sales by 3 times
    • We have expanded the range of products
    • We launched promotions in partnership with the manufacturer of aerated concrete UDK.
  • 2021


    Production is open. The focus is on the professional quality of our construction mixes, implementing advanced technologies and laboratory tests to guarantee the highest standard.

About products

Choosing the best quality material is the key to a successful construction project.

We offer plaster mixtures, mixtures for floors, waterproofing, insulation and masonry. High adhesion, resistance to slipping and deformation, high elasticity and ease of use - these are not all the advantages of our product.


Our partners